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What do these terms mean: On Holdshelf, In Transit, In Process, etc. mean?


Available: The item should be on the shelf. 

Recent Return: The item was returned in the last 24 hours, and should be available. 

Date:  If there is a date shown under the status, that means that the item is not available because it is checked out and due back on that date.

On Holdshelf: The item is not available because a patron requested it and it is awaiting pick up. 

In Transit: The item is not available because it being shipped either to or from another library.

In Process: This item is not available because it is a new material that is being prepared for public use. 

Off Campus: This item is not available because is being borrowed by a Nassau County Library. 


Request these items by:

1. Clicking on Request

2. Type the barcode from your library card.

3. Type in your password/pin

4. Select your Pickup Location

5. Click on SUBMIT. A message should appear saying the request was successful.


When the item is ready for pickup we will contact you using the phone number or email address you provided to us.